EMU Aquabotics


Aquabotics is a team of undergraduate students from various engineering disciplines based in Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus. Our name is composed of two parts, Aqua to represent our active pursuit of developing an underwater vehicle (AUV), and -botics to signify our devotion to enhance and contribute to the field of robotics.

Caretta is our AUV, named after the indigenous species of sea turtles unique to Cyprus.


To design, build and test an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) capable of completing a series of challenges, and to participate internationally in the annual RoboSub competition, and other AUV contests, as a collaborative team of all engineering disciplines.


The goal of Aquabotics is to continually offer students opportunities to engage in project-based learning and to gain real-world expertise through practical applications of ever-changing engineering, while aiming to contribute to the field of underwater autonomous systems.

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